Jim Moran, Virginia Representative

Humans are responsible for the recent climate changes.  Our activities release much carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases up into our atmosphere.  Through burning fossil fuels for energy, industry practices, deforestation we are emitting these gases into the skies where they are building-up. The Environmental Protection Agency and some great politicians are working on measures to reduce greenhouse gas pollution and lessen the climate change predicament.

James Patrick “Jim” Moran, Jr. is the U.S. Representative for Virginia’s 8th congressional district, serving since 1991 is one of these conservation-driven politicians. He is a proud member of the Democratic Party.  Congressman Jim Moran considers the environment as one of his main concerns. He is loved by the green environmentalist public. Organizations that support him include the Sierra Club (which is dedicated to protecting the planet’s environment) and the League of Conservation Voters (who back environmental candidates and issues).

When he became Chairman of the Interior and Environment Appropriations Subcommittee (which has influence to the Department of the Interior, the Forest Service and the Environmental Protection Agency), Jim made sure the public land management agencies focused on conservation efforts in regards to the regulation policy. Being on this committee allows him to fight against anti-environmental laws and cuts to programs during budgetary decisions. He works with the Interior Secretary, Ken Salazar, on the Great American Outdoors initiative (created by Obama) to develop even more conservation and restoration projects.

Jim Moran openly explains that there are many new toxic chemicals and greenhouse gases that must be controlled. He supports the initiatives to decrease our reliance on fossil fuels which is the biggest culprits to greenhouse gas emissions.  He hopes to see new, better and cleaner energy being used. Jim opposes his coast’s offshore oil and gas development projects.

Furthermore, Jim has brought forth legislation that regulates chemicals found dangerous to us.  He wants the next generation to be healthy in a clean environment.

As a great example of putting words into action, he pushed to close his local coal power plant, called GenOn Potomac River Power Plant, who kept on violating the Clean Air Act. This plant was previously exempt from using modern emission controls. The local residents were exposed to the high toxic exhausts from GenOn and suffered from direct medical problems. This plant finally closed last month!

It is encouraging that there are leading politicians like Representative Jim Moran who speak for vital environmental issues. They work on involving agencies and bringing awareness to the community. These great leaders understand how important climate change and greenhouse gases really are and how we need to make major changes today, not tomorrow.






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